Fun and Games!

Before on this blog we have mentioned about how usability makes a promotional product much more effective as it means that they are seen more often and therefore your company’s name and logo is seen much more. As well as our extensive range of sports-related promotional products, Brightways also provide other promotional items that can be customised such as our range of puzzles and games.

Our puzzle solving games include a unique looking keymaze puzzle, mini and full size puzzle cubes and 2D layered puzzles, all of which make great giveaways both within your office and to clients. These are perfect for fiddling with at your desk when you’re feeling stressed or on the phone waiting on hold!

For a more sporty promotional game, we also provide foldable paper ‘flip a goal’ games and finger football games as well as clip-on waste paper basketball hoops. Promotional puzzles and games really lighten the mood in the office and help to show that your company is fun and approachable. People will want to use them which leads to maximum brand visibility and positive brand recognition.

For more information on how to order, please click here or contact our sales team on 01625 539759.

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