Promotional Frisbees and Volley Balls- Perfect for Summer

As we head towards summer, outdoor games are becoming popular again. As one of the UK’s top providers of promotional products and sports-related promotional products, Brightways have a great selection of summer sports products including Frisbees and volleyballs.

Volleyball and Frisbee are both played outside and can be played by everyone so they are a great active option for a team building day out or a company summer event as well as distributing to local schools and youth groups to promote your brand.

Our promotional Frisbees are available in 115mm and 220mm sizes and can be made in a variety of different colours. They’re made from recycled polypropylene so you know that you’re promoting your brand without increasing your carbon footprint and have plenty of surface space for your logo.

We also provide several options for our promotional volley balls which are available in rubber as well as well as PVC and PU leather so you can choose the best option for your target audience. These again can be customised with your logo. As volley ball and Frisbee can be played at the beach, at the park or anywhere with a bit of space, these items are really efficient for brand exposure.

Summer sports products are a fun, active and cost-effective way of promoting your brand and getting involved with sports in your local community.

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