Stay Safe Stay Covered

After a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation regarding the use of face masks to prevent Covid-19, It is common sense which must prevail. Stay safe, stay covered is the new normal and wearing a mask whenever out in public places should be the new norm for quite some time to come. Disposable masks for the normal public is not a viable option due to environmental issues. Wearing reusable and washable masks is the right & wise choice.

Reusable & washable face masks

Get your custom printed reusable eco-friendly face masks in your corporate colours with sublimation all over printing, sewn to perfection with an integrated certified FFP2 filter for enhanced protection from pollen, dust, and other particles from Brightways Concepts

Brightways concepts offer these reusable & washable face masks with no extra set up charges and inclusive of delivery. These premium masks are made in Europe from French polyester Silver ion antimicrobial technology and oeko tex cotton fabric which make them stand out from the rest.

Brightways concepts custom printed range of masks are machine washable and come in five different styles. These are ideal for daily general wear in shops, schools, universities & commuting etc. Get these printed in your corporate colours for a free promotional giveaway to members of your staff, clients & customers. These branded reusable face masks are a great marketing tool for distributing at various events and can be a fantastic fundraiser.

Offered at most competitive prices with quick lead times, Retailers can have them printed in attractive designs which will fly off their shelves or be sold online.

Logo printed face mask


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Our Promotional Puzzles

As well as being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sports related promotional products, Brightways are also top distributors of promotional products that can be used in the office, at home, in schools or out and about, for example our range of promotional puzzles.

Our range of promotional puzzles includes mini-puzzle cubes, both with or without keychains which are very similar to Rubik’s cubes and Ilastic puzzle cubes which open up in a snake-like chain. These can be customised with images of your choosing such as your logo, photos and company mottos. We also have a few 2D style puzzles as well as our completely unique keymaze puzzle.

All of our promotional puzzles can be customised to your preference, for example our keymaze puzzles can be customised to reflect a favourite sport or with your logo. As our promotional puzzles are lightweight and small enough to be hand-held, they can be popped into goody bags at events and trade shows, handed out to your employees as a fun novelty gift or given out as free gifts. Promotional puzzles are an interesting and amusing way of promoting your brand inside and outside of the office and promoting positive brand identity.

If you would like to know more about any of our products or how to place an order, please contact us via this online form or call us on 01625 539759.


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Supporting your Team whilst Promoting your Brand

At Brightways we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sports related promotional products but we’re also aware that every sport needs its supporters which is why we also carry a range of cheering items that can be customised specifically for your brand.

Our cheering sticks, also known as bang bang sticks or thunder sticks, are really popular for sports events and come in a wide range of styles including paw shaped ones, rugby ball shapes and even rockets! We also have promotional trumpets and hand clappers so you can make as much noise as possible whilst supporting your team.

Our range of promotional cheering items also includes inflatables such as our inflatable hands. These have the added bonus of being light and easy to transport so great if your company has a stall at an event or you want to buy them in bulk for your employees or for giveaways. The beauty of promotional cheering items is that they are a really effective way to boost brand visibility and positive brand recognition as well as a way of getting your company involved with sporting events.

If you are interested in promotional cheering items but can’t quite find what you are looking for on our website, give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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Promotional Stationary

Promotional products don’t always have to be something that you give away in order to boost your brand’s exposure and increase positive brand identity, we have plenty of products that are useful to have around the office for your own use such as our range of eco-friendly stationary.

Our range of eco-friendly stationary includes several styles of note book, note pads and pens which are made with recycled materials. These are also recyclable and biodegradable so they continue to be environmentally friendly after use.

Our range of eco-friendly stationary can be customised with your company’s logo so can boost your brand inside and outside of the office. In an era where everybody is becoming more aware of their impact on the environment any products that reduce your carbon footprint are great for boosting positive brand recognition in fact a lot of companies have created their own initiatives. Our eco-friendly stationary is great quality so it looks good as well as doing good.

If you’d like to know more about any of our products or information on placing orders, please call us on 01625 539759 or use our handy contact form here.


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Promotional Sports Themed Keychains

It is so frustrating to lose your keys or having to stand outside in bad weather rooting around for your keys in the bottom of a bag which is why keychains are so handy as well as being an affordable collectable item. We distribute a wide range of high quality, customisable promotional products at Brightways including our range of sports related keychains.

Our sports themed keychains are available in a choice of several materials including realistic feeling felt, nickel-plated zinc alloy, PVC leather, synthetic leather and real wood  and feature a wide range of different sports from football, the world’s most popular sport to hockey and billiards. These are great for sports-based companies as well as for special sporting events, trade shows, and general giveaways and competition prizes. If you have a certain design that you have in mind for promotional sports themed keychains so you can be sure that they really represent your company’s brand, just give us a call and we’ll see what we can do! We pride ourselves on creating completely bespoke, top quality products that both you and your customers will love. Keychains can be used every day so really boost your brand’s visibility and they are interesting and useful which helps to promote positive vibes around your brand.

To transform the humble keychain from fun giveaway item to a memorable corporate gift or desirable prize, you could pair a keychain with one of our sports themed stress relievers or a golf themed water globe. If you would like to find out more about any of our products or how to place an order, please call us on 01625 539759 or via our online form here. 


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Our Promotional Hats

Whatever time of the year it is, there is a need for hats so at Brightways we have a selection to choose from, whether you need to keep the sun out of your eyes or protect yourself from the cold.

Our promotional baseball caps are available in both cotton and nylon and in five and six panel styles, all of which can be customised with your company’s name, colours and logo. These are really versatile as they can be worn for outdoors events, given away at trade fairs or as promotions, worn as a part of your company’s regular uniform or donated to local schools and youth schemes. Our promotional baseball caps are also available with high viz strips and in child size.

For the winter months we have fine gauge, super stretchy beanie hats in rolled or brimmed styles. These again can be customised according to your requests. These can have your company’s logo embroidered on to them for high visibility, quality and durability.

The advantage of wearable promotional items is how much they get seen and used which therefore increases your brand’s visibility and promotes positive brand recognition. Also, using promotional hats as part of your workforce’s uniform means that they will be comfortable during hotter or cooler months whilst still wearing your company’s colours and logo, which is a much more professional, unified look than wearing any random hat from home.

To find out more about any of our promotional products or to place an order, please contact us on 01625 539759 or via our online form here.


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Bringing Your Brand to the Great Outdoors

One of the great things about summer is that the glorious weather makes it a lot more fun to be outside so there are far more outdoors events like fetes and sports events taking place. At Brightways we have plenty of products that are perfect for outdoors events so your company can make the most of summer.

The UK has hundreds of festivals including hugely popular music festivals and these are great places for any company to have a stand to drum up popularity. Our promotional camping chairs are a great addition to a stall at a festival or all-day event as they give people’s legs a well-needed break when they’ve been walking and standing around for long periods of time. They are also easy to fold away and transport. Likewise, our dynamo torches are handy for leaving an event late at night or finding your way back to your tent at a festival. They don’t require batteries so they can be used straight away and will never run out. They’re also handy to keep in your car or around the house in case there is an emergency or power cut. Useful promotional products get seen more, which increases brand visibility and boosts positive brand identity. For example, if a potential customer receives a promotional torch from you and then breaks down on their way home after dark, they’ll use the torch, see your company’s name and logo and subconsciously relate your brand to usefulness and reliability and thus are more likely to become a customer.

Even with the current heatwave, the Great British weather is famous for being unpredictable so our disposable rain ponchos are also handy for outdoors events. When you’re enjoying a live outdoors gig or milling around at a summer fete, you don’t want your day to be ruined by rain!

Our promotional outdoors products really help boost brand identity even after the event and help to make sure everyone has the best possible time.

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Promotional Footballs

As one of the most popular sports in the whole world as well as in the UK, football is a really popular choice for sports-related promotions, both inside and outside of your corporation. Brightways are the top manufacturer of promotional footballs and these are a great choice of promotional product, especially around football events such as the World Cup and the FA Cup and we have several varieties to choose from.

Sports-related promotional products are always popular because they encourage a sense of fun in the office and can be used for giveaways, for example when supporting local schools and youth groups to promote positive brand identity and show that your company supports its local community. Your promotional products should send a message about who you are as a company and be appropriate for the audience that you are distributing them to so we have various promotional footballs to choose from depending on your target audience including our eco-friendly football made from recycled tyres, real leather footballs and softer rubber and plastic footballs that ideal for children to play with.

As with all our promotional products, our range of promotional footballs can be customised with your company’s colours and logo to make them unique to you and increase brand visibility. They are excellent quality to ensure that your company is represented in the best way possible and they can be used time and time again. Whether you are treating your employees to free footballs for a kick-about or supporting local schools, our promotional footballs are an excellent promotional product for boosting positive brand identity in a really fun way.

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Promotional Sweatbands

When one considers promotional products, one of the major points to consider is how much it will be seen and therefore how effective it will be at promoting your brand. Using wearable promotional products, such as customised sweat bands are a great way of visually promoting your brand and increasing brand identity.

Sports-related promotional products are useful gifts whilst they do the job of promoting your company name they are also likely to be retained and used for many years.

In our current sports promotional range there are two types of sweat bands you can consider, the smaller wristbands and the larger headbands. These are both made out of high quality breathable refined cotton and elastic fibre so they are comfortable to wear and retain their shape and colour even after being worn and washed. As promotional products represent you as a company, it is always important that they are high quality and are something that you would be happy to use yourself.

With summer approaching and more sports events and seasons about to start, sports-related promotional products are a great way of promoting your brand in a relevant way and getting involved with current events. Promotional sweatbands can be customised with your company’s colours and logos for easy brand recognition and are great for product launches and sports-related promotions.

Various studies have shown that functional promotional products are very effective for promoting your brand and customised sweatbands are great for this as well as being fun, relevant and cost-effective.

For more information on how to order, please click here or contact our sales team on 01625 539759.

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