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Global Sourcing

In today’s highly competitive market environment, trend is towards a cost effective solution to which global sourcing is an answer.

 Brightways have worked hard in creating strategic partnership with reliable & responsible network of manufacturing facilities in China and  not to mention their very own factory & export house “ Brightways Export International “ in India where a wide spectrum of products are manufactured and sourced.  We go an extra length to make sure that our factory and partner facilities abide by the relevant accreditations and ethical ethos. Our global understanding of cultural values adds to our ability in excelling at overseas sourcing & manufacturing.

Our expert multilingual team will work with you on any requirement that you may have. When we say “any” we mean virtually any possible product which can be developed, manufactured or sourced within our strengths.  Our solutions are not bound by geographical implications. We strive on the challenges our clients throw at us which we try and accomplish with a simple and flexible approach.