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Environmental & Ethical Policy

We at Brightways take utmost care in manufacturing & sourcing our products. As an international company we believe that it is our pre-requisite to comply with all appropriate laws, regulations and social responsibilities to maintain the trust of our customers. Whatever the product demands, we ensure that it is in compliance with EU safety, health & environment regulations. This is made possible by systematic checks & audits by our team at the manufacturing sites. We endeavour to operate in harmony with the environment and encourage our factories to use environmentally-friendly materials and equipment which are energy-efficient and produce minimal harmful waste when disposed of. We also try to ensure that our suppliers live up to our values and treat their employees fairly. Brightways is committed to providing best value products to their customers but not at the expense of workers who make them.

 Brightways does not employ child labour in its operations and is committed to the principles of protecting children from child labour exploitation, believing that their development as well as that of their communities and countries is best served through education, not child labour. We endorse appropriate initiatives to establish and enforce requirements for a minimum working age and standards against forced labour. As a responsible company we pursue high standards of business ethics.