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Our team

Mukta Sareen

Has over twenty years of professional work experience in the sourcing & distributing of innovative products in Retail and Sports industry in UK and India. She has been a successful entrepreneur in UK for the past seventeen years managing the sales, marketing, business development and product launches. She has been responsible for merchandise R&D and sourcing for top clients. She is a professional visual artist and also loves to create new food recipes. "I love what I do, especially when a customer is asking for that particular thing... the joy of sourcing and getting the project off the ground is wonderful. It is like seeing a new painting takes its shape"

Kaushal Sareen

With 35 years of business experience ranging from accounts, retail & Sports sector he takes the responsibility for commercial growth and financial decision for the company. His love of football has helped Brightways create a strong foothold in the sports goods merchandise in the industry. “I am a self proclaimed workaholic. It is like religion to me. I look forward to everyday’s challenges. Exploring new territories and business opportunity’s is a very exciting exercise which I thoroughly enjoy".

Yog Raj Mahajan

Mr. Mahajan laid foundations for Brightways in 1963 in India and is the guiding force for all of us. His wisdom and strength are very much like his name. His profound intellect and knowledge base with over three decades of business experience keeps us all grounded with firm values. Mr. Mahajan is man with very high principals which reflects in Brightways code of conduct.

Jiten Mahajan

Director of Brightways India, he is the creative guy! He looks over all the R&D and operations of the factory. His aggressive marketing approach has build "Brightways" as a brand to reckon with. “I like discipline at work and have a vision for Brightways to be a top supplier of junior sports." With the Boom in domestic market we are working very hard to meet the demand. We shall do anything in our strength to cater the requirements of our global client base"

Ian Goldman

He is our number cruncher and helps us meet our targets.