Taking your Brand into Summer

In an earlier blog post when we talked about using products to boost brand identity, we mentioned how promotional products are much more effective when they can be used as your logo is seen more often and it promotes visual positive reinforcement, a really useful tool in boosting your brand image and identity. With summer well and truly here and people planning holidays and BBQs, promotional flip-flops are a great way to do this whilst staying seasonal, and therefore making your promotional product relevant. Even the most diehard high heel fan needs a pair of practical, comfortable flip-flops when the heat is on to avoid sweaty feet and to relax in the sun.

Flip-flops are a real summer staple and as they are so affordable, they can be used as merchandise for after-school clubs, leisure centres and colleges as well. They can be produced as cut-outs, so the user can just pop their flip-flops out of your chosen shape; this makes them really handy to hang up on shop displays or in storage cupboards and increases portability until they need to be worn. You could also team the flip-flops with promotional sunglasses or water bottles as a special offer. Promoting your brand and boosting your sales doesn’t have to take a summer holiday!

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