Promotional Rubber Ducks

Everyone enjoys outdoors events during summer when the weather is bright and warm and families can enjoy a day out together. These events are a great chance to use some promotional products, for example, branded baseball caps for team games or promotional water bottles to help keep everyone hydrated. One very popular promotional item for outdoors events, especially charity events, is our promotional rubber duck.

Our promotional rubber ducks are available in three sporty themes, boxing, cycling and swimming and can be customised with your company’s logo. Promotional rubber ducks can be used for outdoors games such as duck racing and hook-a-duck or simply given away as prizes. Some people like to collect rubber ducks and our promotional ones are certainly eye-catching and interesting enough to make a great addition to any collection. Items that are seen time after time by the receiver are ideal for boosting brand visibility.

Our promotional rubber ducks are a welcome touch of fun to any sports themed or family event or just as a giveaway item with a difference.

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Three Ways with Rubber Ducks

Most of us have owned a rubber duck at some point in our lives, in fact there was even a song on the children’s show ‘Sesame Street’ dedicated to a rubber duck and recent adverts for the drink Oasis featuring ‘Rubberduckzilla’. As humble as they once were, the rubber duck is now an iconic part of pop culture and these are just a few of the ways you can utilise these novelty items to promote your brand and do your bit for your company’s favourite charity.

  • Hook-a-Duck

This fairground classic is a really simple yet desceptively tricky game that is great for summer fairs. You’ll need long poles, like bamboo sticks with hooks attached to one end. The idea is that the players have to hook a duck to win a prize. If you’re feeling generous, you could let them keep the duck as well.

  • Duck Races

A duck race is exactly what it sounds like- racing rubber ducks! You will also need a waterproof marker to write numbers on the bottom of the ducks, access to a stretch          of water (either a lake or a river) and somebody to deligate the task of writing down which duck people are betting on. The first duck to get from point A to point B is the       winner! You can either pool people’s bets together to give to the winner or to the winner’s chosen charity, so it’s great for fundraising.

  • ‘Where in the World…’ competition

Summer means people taking holidays, which means it can get stressful when you’re a few hands down in the office. Lighten the mood a bit by perusading people to take a rubber duck with your logo in their luggage and take a picture with it in. You then post the pictures on your company’s intranet or blog so people can guess where their colleague has gone on holiday too.



So, think outside of the bathtub when you get your promotional rubber ducks and have some fun with them.

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Serve Up a Tennis Themed Promotion!

One of the biggest events in the UK sporting calendar is the Wimbledon Championships. It’s as quintessential to the British summer time as Pimms, strawberries and cream and unprecedented rain.

Tennis fans from all around the world, not just from Europe flock to London to see their favourites live in action or gather round their TVs to catch all the matches (the latter being the wiser decision for more fair weather tennis fans considering how often matches get rained off!) With this in mind, tennis is the perfect theme for summer promotions and is a really fun way to get involved with current events at the same time.

Promotional tennis balls aren’t just great for corporate giveaways, you can also use them for local events with schools and sports clubs to help kids get active and involved. They can be customised with your company’s name and logo so every time one gets served, your  brand gets a little bit more positive reinforcement. They can be incorporated into sports themed charity events around the time of the Wimbledon Championships, such as sponsored tennis matches at a local sports centre or given away as freebies at trade shows and events.

As well as customised tennis balls, you can also get tennis ball shaped stress balls and key chains to get into the swing of tennis season. If you are having a completely tennis themed event, don’t forget to wear all white and serve up strawberries and cream as nibbles. Everybody will (fifteen) love it!

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Fun Sports Themed Fundraisers

As the weather warms up, people try to get more active and involved with sports, especially around the World Cup and Wimbledon Championships, so it’s a great theme to use for corporate events, work parties and fundraisers. The great thing about sports themed events is that you don’t have to be that fantastically talented to have fun and raise money for your company’s chosen charity, so we’ve rounded up some ideas for you to try.

  • 5-a-side football. You can do inter-department or even get some other local companies involved and making teams for an informal kick-about and some friendly rivalry. See if you can invite the local press along for extra coverage (and free advertising!) and donate ticket proceeds to your chosen charity.
  • Sponsored Keepy-uppy. Whether just one person is doing it, a whole department or you get your whole community involved, grab some hacky sacks and get people to sponsor you based on the length of time you last. Our 12 panel hacky sacks can be personalised with your company’s logo and used as a promotional giveaway as well.
  • Fun Run. Sponsored runs are perhaps one of the easiest charity events to organise, but you may have to arrange public liability insurance and people taking part will have to do a bit of training to prepare them. This does however mean that you and your colleagues will get into fantastic shape whilst raising money for a good cause.
Sponsored sports events are a great way of promoting your company and boosting your brand image whilst, most importantly, doing a lot of good for your chosen charity and doing some team bonding.

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