Promotional Rubber Ducks

Everyone enjoys outdoors events during summer when the weather is bright and warm and families can enjoy a day out together. These events are a great chance to use some promotional products, for example, branded baseball caps for team games or promotional water bottles to help keep everyone hydrated. One very popular promotional item for outdoors events, especially charity events, is our promotional rubber duck.

Our promotional rubber ducks are available in three sporty themes, boxing, cycling and swimming and can be customised with your company’s logo. Promotional rubber ducks can be used for outdoors games such as duck racing and hook-a-duck or simply given away as prizes. Some people like to collect rubber ducks and our promotional ones are certainly eye-catching and interesting enough to make a great addition to any collection. Items that are seen time after time by the receiver are ideal for boosting brand visibility.

Our promotional rubber ducks are a welcome touch of fun to any sports themed or family event or just as a giveaway item with a difference.

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