Promotional Golf Balls

One of the great points about golf is that it is a sociable sport and you do not need a very high fitness level or much training before you start playing. As well as playing to unwind at the weekend or at a competitive level, a round of golf is fantastic for an informal meeting with a client or having a catch up and discussing ideas with your colleagues. As part of our sports-related product range, we have fantastic quality golf balls that can be manufactured in your company’s colours and imprinted with your logo. As a promotional product, these not only look great, they are high quality and give fantastic results.

Our promotional golf balls are made from Latex and Surlyn with a blended polybutadiene core allowing maximum distance and offering great durability. As golf is a sport where you require your equipment to be top quality to give great results and show your skills to their full potential, our promotional golf balls tick all the boxes and are a really good way of boosting positive brand identity and making a memorable impression. Promotional products should reflect your company in a positive way so you need top quality products that promote your brand identity in the best possible way.

Our promotional golf balls can be produced in any colour necessary from classic white to eye-catching neon shades so they are highly visible and recognisable. Your logo can also be printed on the face of the ball as with all our promotional products. These customised promotional golf balls are also available in small gift sets with accompanying tees to make a great corporate gift for a golf-loving client or a morale-boosting present for your staff.

Sports-related promotional products are fantastic for boosting your relationship with your clients, promoting positive brand identity and for boosting staff morale and team bonding. If you would like to know more about our promotional golf balls or any other promotional products, please contact us here.







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