Three Ways with Rubber Ducks

Most of us have owned a rubber duck at some point in our lives, in fact there was even a song on the children’s show ‘Sesame Street’ dedicated to a rubber duck and recent adverts for the drink Oasis featuring ‘Rubberduckzilla’. As humble as they once were, the rubber duck is now an iconic part of pop culture and these are just a few of the ways you can utilise these novelty items to promote your brand and do your bit for your company’s favourite charity.

  • Hook-a-Duck

This fairground classic is a really simple yet desceptively tricky game that is great for summer fairs. You’ll need long poles, like bamboo sticks with hooks attached to one end. The idea is that the players have to hook a duck to win a prize. If you’re feeling generous, you could let them keep the duck as well.

  • Duck Races

A duck race is exactly what it sounds like- racing rubber ducks! You will also need a waterproof marker to write numbers on the bottom of the ducks, access to a stretch          of water (either a lake or a river) and somebody to deligate the task of writing down which duck people are betting on. The first duck to get from point A to point B is the       winner! You can either pool people’s bets together to give to the winner or to the winner’s chosen charity, so it’s great for fundraising.

  • ‘Where in the World…’ competition

Summer means people taking holidays, which means it can get stressful when you’re a few hands down in the office. Lighten the mood a bit by perusading people to take a rubber duck with your logo in their luggage and take a picture with it in. You then post the pictures on your company’s intranet or blog so people can guess where their colleague has gone on holiday too.



So, think outside of the bathtub when you get your promotional rubber ducks and have some fun with them.

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