Taking your Brand on the Road!

Last week was the largest music festival in the UK, Glastonbury and there are dozens of other festivals taking place up and down the country this summer. Whether or not your company is in the music industry, festivals are a great place to sell your wares, promote your brand and listen to some awesome music. The thing about festivals is that people are guaranteed to forget something, run out of something they need or end up needing something that they’re haven’t brought with them, such as a rain poncho.                            If you have a stand at a festival, it’s the perfect time to take customised items, such as camping chairs and torches as they’re useful for both you and campers! Of course, these kind of items are great for outdoors charity events and concerts as well as overnight or weekend festivals. Whilst the weather is hot and sunny, baseball caps and sunglasses are essential to keep you safe from the sun, so customising them with your logo and colours is an added bonus. Remember, the vendors at festivals do tend to charge above the odds for bottles of water because they know that people will need them and therefore be guaranteed to buy them, so make sure you take plenty with you (in plastic bottles so they don’t get confiscated) as well as sunscreen.

As well as selling products, festivals are a great opportunity to get talking to people and gain a lot of new potential customers whilst enjoying a fun day out, so make the most of the summer whilst it lasts!




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