Products that make life a little bit easier.

Sometimes it seems like life is just go, go, go so anything that makes life a little bit easier and therefore a bit quicker, is great to have on hand. For example, our trolley coin keyring means that you don’t have to root around your bag and glove compartment for a pound coin every time you go shopping as you have an easily findable coin the exact same shape and size. You can have them personalised with your company’s logo so your customers see it on a regular basis and associate your company with usefullness.

Likewise, canvas tote bags are lightweight, easy to transport and store in bulk and are very roomy so as well as being a really easy promotional product for you, they are a very handy promotional product to hand out to your customers, especially if you are at an event such as a trade fair or local market where people are going to be picking up other items and having leaflets thrust upon them by other vendors.

The benefit of having promotional products that are handy is threefold:

  • It adds positive reinforcement of your brand as the person with the product will then subconsciously associate your brand with usefulness.
  • A handy product is used more and therefore the customer, or potential customer, sees your name an logo more often.
  • Items that are easily visable, such as the tote bags will be seen out and about by more people, so you drum up more interest for your brand.
So, pick a promotional product that works both for you and your target audience.


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