Supporting your Team whilst Promoting your Brand

At Brightways we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sports related promotional products but we’re also aware that every sport needs its supporters which is why we also carry a range of cheering items that can be customised specifically for your brand.

Our cheering sticks, also known as bang bang sticks or thunder sticks, are really popular for sports events and come in a wide range of styles including paw shaped ones, rugby ball shapes and even rockets! We also have promotional trumpets and hand clappers so you can make as much noise as possible whilst supporting your team.

Our range of promotional cheering items also includes inflatables such as our inflatable hands. These have the added bonus of being light and easy to transport so great if your company has a stall at an event or you want to buy them in bulk for your employees or for giveaways. The beauty of promotional cheering items is that they are a really effective way to boost brand visibility and positive brand recognition as well as a way of getting your company involved with sporting events.

If you are interested in promotional cheering items but can’t quite find what you are looking for on our website, give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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Promotional Sports Accessories

As one of the UK’s leading distributors of sports-related promotional products, Brightways supplies accessories for sports and sports sets as well as balls, bats and sports-themed items.

Our 9″ high training cones and rugby kicking tees are ideal for schools, youth centres and sports clubs as they are an essential part of learning and practising sports such as football, rugby and American football. Training cones are particularly useful as they can be used for lots of physical skill building activities for other sports as well as football. They are also collapsible for easy storage and spring back into their original shape after impact so they’ll survive lots of bumps and collisions. Our rugby kicking tees can have your logo added to them and are available in orange, black, blue, red and green so you can match them to your team or school’s uniform.

We also supply customised golf divot tools in antique brass which are ideal for corporate gifts and more grownup sporting events. These can be customised with a picture of your choosing and iron stamped with your logo. All of our products are fantastic quality and look great so they can represent your company in the best way possible and boost positive brand identity.

To find out more about our promotional sports accessories or any of our other products, please contact us on 01625 539759 or via our online form here.


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Promotional Cricket Bats

The UK is a nation of sports lovers and one of the most popular sports is cricket, which has been played for hundreds of years and has spread around the globe. Brightways are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sports related promotional products and stock a wide range of promotional sports themed products from smaller items such as keychains to usable, top quality sports equipment, all of which can be branded with your company’s name and logo.

Full size cricket bats can be a bit too large and cumbersome to be a practical promotional product but we supply mini wooden cricket bats in 9 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch sizes. Your logo can be added on either a clear or solid toned sticker and you can choose whether you would like them bulk packed or in individual clam shell packing. All the sizes are made from great quality wood and are ideal for giveaways and promotional events, especially around cricket season. These miniature cricket bats are also available in plastic, still in 9 inch, 12 inch and 15 inch options, which are more lightweight.

We also supply mini cricket sets with 15 inch and 21 inch bats. These come with mini wickets and a burgundy tennis ball, designed to resemble a cricket ball. These sets are ideal for schools and sports groups as well as competition prizes.

Sports related products are great for boosting positive brand identity and recognition as well as being a way of getting your company involved with your local area and events. To find out more about our promotional cricket bats or any of our other promotional products, please contact us on 01625 539759 to speak to a member of our team.



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Promotional Keychains

To ensure that promotional products are effective, it is important that they can be used, worn or played with in some way so it’s always a bonus when your chosen promotional product is functional. Everybody has at least one key so promotional keychains are a surefire way of making sure that your promotional products are used and seen frequently.

As leading suppliers of promotional products, Brightways have several categories of promotional keychain so you have plenty of options and are sure to find a style that really represents your brand. Our sports themed promotional keychains come in a variety of different materials including felt, PVC leather and nickel and represent all different kinds of sports from mini golf balls to mini wooden hockey sticks.

Our trolley coin keychains not only help you to promote your brand, they’re also useful so will get used and therefore seen very often. We also supply adorable plush keychains that are great for all ages.

All our promotional keychains are fantastic quality, look good and can be customised with your company’s name and logo. They’re easy to transport, easy to hand out and are suitable for a wide range of occasions from trade shows to goody bags; they’re a cost-efficient and effective way of promoting your brand.


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Promotional Frisbees and Volley Balls- Perfect for Summer

As we head towards summer, outdoor games are becoming popular again. As one of the UK’s top providers of promotional products and sports-related promotional products, Brightways have a great selection of summer sports products including Frisbees and volleyballs.

Volleyball and Frisbee are both played outside and can be played by everyone so they are a great active option for a team building day out or a company summer event as well as distributing to local schools and youth groups to promote your brand.

Our promotional Frisbees are available in 115mm and 220mm sizes and can be made in a variety of different colours. They’re made from recycled polypropylene so you know that you’re promoting your brand without increasing your carbon footprint and have plenty of surface space for your logo.

We also provide several options for our promotional volley balls which are available in rubber as well as well as PVC and PU leather so you can choose the best option for your target audience. These again can be customised with your logo. As volley ball and Frisbee can be played at the beach, at the park or anywhere with a bit of space, these items are really efficient for brand exposure.

Summer sports products are a fun, active and cost-effective way of promoting your brand and getting involved with sports in your local community.

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Promotional Golf Balls

One of the great points about golf is that it is a sociable sport and you do not need a very high fitness level or much training before you start playing. As well as playing to unwind at the weekend or at a competitive level, a round of golf is fantastic for an informal meeting with a client or having a catch up and discussing ideas with your colleagues. As part of our sports-related product range, we have fantastic quality golf balls that can be manufactured in your company’s colours and imprinted with your logo. As a promotional product, these not only look great, they are high quality and give fantastic results.

Our promotional golf balls are made from Latex and Surlyn with a blended polybutadiene core allowing maximum distance and offering great durability. As golf is a sport where you require your equipment to be top quality to give great results and show your skills to their full potential, our promotional golf balls tick all the boxes and are a really good way of boosting positive brand identity and making a memorable impression. Promotional products should reflect your company in a positive way so you need top quality products that promote your brand identity in the best possible way.

Our promotional golf balls can be produced in any colour necessary from classic white to eye-catching neon shades so they are highly visible and recognisable. Your logo can also be printed on the face of the ball as with all our promotional products. These customised promotional golf balls are also available in small gift sets with accompanying tees to make a great corporate gift for a golf-loving client or a morale-boosting present for your staff.

Sports-related promotional products are fantastic for boosting your relationship with your clients, promoting positive brand identity and for boosting staff morale and team bonding. If you would like to know more about our promotional golf balls or any other promotional products, please contact us here.







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Promotional Sweatbands

When one considers promotional products, one of the major points to consider is how much it will be seen and therefore how effective it will be at promoting your brand. Using wearable promotional products, such as customised sweat bands are a great way of visually promoting your brand and increasing brand identity.

Sports-related promotional products are useful gifts whilst they do the job of promoting your company name they are also likely to be retained and used for many years.

In our current sports promotional range there are two types of sweat bands you can consider, the smaller wristbands and the larger headbands. These are both made out of high quality breathable refined cotton and elastic fibre so they are comfortable to wear and retain their shape and colour even after being worn and washed. As promotional products represent you as a company, it is always important that they are high quality and are something that you would be happy to use yourself.

With summer approaching and more sports events and seasons about to start, sports-related promotional products are a great way of promoting your brand in a relevant way and getting involved with current events. Promotional sweatbands can be customised with your company’s colours and logos for easy brand recognition and are great for product launches and sports-related promotions.

Various studies have shown that functional promotional products are very effective for promoting your brand and customised sweatbands are great for this as well as being fun, relevant and cost-effective.

For more information on how to order, please click here or contact our sales team on 01625 539759.

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Promotional Rugby Balls

Originating in a Warwickshire school in the early 19th century, Rugby is actually a variation of football and is popular throughout both the UK and the world.

There are two main categories of rugby, rugby union and rugby league, both very similar but with distinct differences in their rules, meaning that there is a very wide fan base and making it a great sport to focus on for sports-related promotions.

We have an array of rugby themed promotional products including PVC leather rugby balls in both full and mini size that can be customised with your company’s logo. We can also provide customised PU foam rugby balls that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play and are a great promotional product for schools and youth groups as they are lighter and softer on impact.

As with all our promotional products, our range of various rugby balls are high quality and can be customised with your name, logo and colours for positive brand identity. Our range of promotional products is constantly evolving and our R&D team work hard to come up with new promotional products that you and your clients will love. One such new promotional product is our retro rugby ball which can be customised with gold printing and looks fantastic.

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Bringing Cricket to Everyone

We’re almost halfway through this year’s Cricket World Cup and it’s an exciting time for sports fans all over the world.

Cricket was first played in England in the 18th century and is now played in over 125 countries around the globe. It’s not British summertime unless we see cricket being played and the World Cup is like a sporting sign that winter is finally over and Cricket is a great game to focus on for sports-related promotions.

Promotional cricket equipment can be manufactured in various sizes for various age groups. Customised cricket items are great for sports-themed promotions and giveaways; our mini cricket bats are available in 9, 12 and 15 inch sizes so you can find the right size for the school or sports club you are working with.

We also make small and full size high quality cricket balls so it’s even easier to get everyone playing one of the country’s favourite sports. Both these and the bats can be customised with your brand and logo for positive brand awareness and recognition.

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Brightways on the TV!

We have recently delivered mini footballs for our customer who have supplied these to Babybel for football giveaway promotion. This is just one of  many successful football projects we have done for our clients just in time for the football world cup.

One of these specially designed footballs is featured in their advert, which stars Laura Biondo, a very talented football freestyler who has won four Guinness world records for her skills. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can also see a cameo by legendary England goalkeeper David Seaman right at the end!

Watch the video here!



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