Advantages of Mini Cricket Bats

At Brightways we have found that sports-related promotional products are extremely popular, both in regards to sports equipment and other items, such as keychains and sports-themed accessories.

Recently we discussed the popularity of cricket in the UK and around the world, and one of our favourite products is our mini cricket bats; they come in a variety of sizes so they are suitable for whatever school, youth group or sports club you are working with and can be customised with your logo to promote positive brand identity promotions. Encouraging sports from an early age boosts lots of different life skills including team work, boosts confidence and reduces the risk of obesity.

We work hard to develop and provide a wide range of top quality sports promotional equipment and our mini cricket bats are no exception to this. They are available in both wood and plastic so you can make a choice depending on your requirements, have a comfortable grip to avoid accidents and discomfort and are available in 9, 12 and 15 inches. You can also choose whether you want your logo printed on to the product in the form of a clear or white sticker.

We offer other cricket-related promotional products that you can use to accompany the mini cricket bats, such as miniature and full size cricket balls. Our sports promotional products are great for both the players using them and for you as a company, building great working relationships and boosting positive brand identity.

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