American Sports Themed Products

The UK is a nation of sports lovers and, as well as traditional favourites such as football, cricket and tennis, some sports from across the pond like American football and basketball are becoming more popular.

Brightways are one of the UK’s top suppliers of sports related promotional products and our products span a wide range of different sports. Our range of basketball products includes full size balls, which are ideal for prizes and company games as well as mini ones which are a portable option for events, trade fairs and giveaways. Basketball is a really fun and informal game and it can take up as much or as little space as you want, from shooting balls into a hoop around the back of your office building to a full size court in a leisure centre. We also supply promotional basketball hoop sets with inflatable balls; these have a large area for your company’s logo so are an easy way to increase brand visibility.

American football is derived from the traditional sport of rugby and is gaining popularity over in the UK. Whilst it’s still not as big as other sports, if you have American partners or clients we have both miniature American footballs and American football stress relievers, both of which can be customised with your company’s logo and are available in a range of colours.

Sports related promotional products are a popular and versatile to build your brand identity and boost its visibility so using more unusual sports as your theme really helps you to stand out from the crowd.

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Promotional Cotton and Canvas Tote Bags

When you are considering promotional products there are several things to consider including how much impact the products will have and when and where you will be distributing the promotional item. One way of ensuring that you have maximum brand visibility is to choose a promotional product that is wearable and usable, for example our range of tote bags made from either cotton or canvas.

The main advantage of promotional tote bags is that they are useful and easy to carry so your logo and company name gets a lot of public exposure. They are ideal for events such as trade shows and local fairs as you can put your company’s leaflet or business card inside prior to handing them out and they can be used both on the day and afterwards, making them a useful and effective promotional product. As well as being given to potential customers, promotional tote bags are a handy promotional product for your team so they can increase brand identity when out and about.

As well as being able to customise them with your company’s logo, our promotional tote bags are available in a range of different sizes and colours so you have plenty of options to choose from. They are highly durable and made from great quality materials to ensure that they are used time and time again and therefore continually boost brand recognition.

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Promotional Rugby Balls

Originating in a Warwickshire school in the early 19th century, Rugby is actually a variation of football and is popular throughout both the UK and the world.

There are two main categories of rugby, rugby union and rugby league, both very similar but with distinct differences in their rules, meaning that there is a very wide fan base and making it a great sport to focus on for sports-related promotions.

We have an array of rugby themed promotional products including PVC leather rugby balls in both full and mini size that can be customised with your company’s logo. We can also provide customised PU foam rugby balls that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play and are a great promotional product for schools and youth groups as they are lighter and softer on impact.

As with all our promotional products, our range of various rugby balls are high quality and can be customised with your name, logo and colours for positive brand identity. Our range of promotional products is constantly evolving and our R&D team work hard to come up with new promotional products that you and your clients will love. One such new promotional product is our retro rugby ball which can be customised with gold printing and looks fantastic.

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Products that make life a little bit easier.

Sometimes it seems like life is just go, go, go so anything that makes life a little bit easier and therefore a bit quicker, is great to have on hand. For example, our trolley coin keyring means that you don’t have to root around your bag and glove compartment for a pound coin every time you go shopping as you have an easily findable coin the exact same shape and size. You can have them personalised with your company’s logo so your customers see it on a regular basis and associate your company with usefullness.

Likewise, canvas tote bags are lightweight, easy to transport and store in bulk and are very roomy so as well as being a really easy promotional product for you, they are a very handy promotional product to hand out to your customers, especially if you are at an event such as a trade fair or local market where people are going to be picking up other items and having leaflets thrust upon them by other vendors.

The benefit of having promotional products that are handy is threefold:

  • It adds positive reinforcement of your brand as the person with the product will then subconsciously associate your brand with usefulness.
  • A handy product is used more and therefore the customer, or potential customer, sees your name an logo more often.
  • Items that are easily visable, such as the tote bags will be seen out and about by more people, so you drum up more interest for your brand.
So, pick a promotional product that works both for you and your target audience.


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Advantages of Wearable Promotional Products.

It is a little known fact that the very first promotional products were commemorative buttons created in 1789 in the USA to help George Washington win the presidential elections. It wasn’t until the mid 20th century when the advertising market was in its hey day that promotional products became widely used and since then have become an essential marketing tool.

A 2009 study showed that 83% of people enjoyed receiving promotional products with nearly half of those people saying that they wish they received them more often. As 69% of people in the study said that they kept promotional products that they received, it really shows that people value the products that they receive from companies. Branded items in particular are a very useful promotional tool as they encourage visual brand recognition and positive reinforcement. In previous blog entries we have mentioned how the most effective promotional products are those that can be used and wearable items are amoung the most effective as it means that your company logo is seen by more people. Much like the original promotional item, customised, branded pins and badges are a flexible way of promoting your brand. As well as being able to put them on clothes, bags or accessories, pins and badges are eye-catching without being too ‘in your face’.

As it’s still sunny and there will no doubt be plenty more outdoors events before the summer is over, promotional hats are another way of promoting your brand and boosting brand identity in a practical and wearable way. Wearable promotional items can be handed out as freebies, worn by you and your staff at events or given as competition prizes and they are a surefire way of making a lasting impression on potential and existing customers.


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Choosing the Right Promotional Item.

One of the few good things that came out of the recent recession is the surge of new, entreprenueral-based companies coming about from people making the best of a bad situation. When you are launching your own company and trying to hold your own with the larger, better-known names in your industry, promotional products serve as constant visual reminders of your company and are portable advertsing. A recent study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association found that promotional items make a person not only think more favourably about a company, but also more than 70% more likely to use that company or buy their products. In fact, research in the USA found that people are on average 39% more likely to remember a company’s name an entire 6 months after recieving a promotional item as they encourange brand recognition.

One of the reasons that promotional pens are the amoung the most popular promotional products is that they get used all the time. After all, it’s always handy to have a pen on you, and they rarely stay with the same person; pens are one of those small items that get passed around and the more people that see your logo and company name, the better. Usable, practical items are always popular for standard giveaways, for example giving out drawstring bags at trade shows and events with your logo, telephone nuumber and email address on so people use them to carry around flyers and other items that they get given and then keep using the bag afterwards. Other items, such as metal key rings are better for meetings with clients as a small, visual reminder of your brand and to show goodwill.

As well as usability, you should always make sure that your promotional items are high quality and that they reflect your company’s message. Eco friendly items are great for companies to show that they are socially responsible and are perfect for any companies that make and sell green products. When you decide on the product that best reflects your company, it really is a small investment in return for an ever-growing customer base.

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Hand-held Brand Promotion

When it comes to promoting your brand, promotional products are not only effective and interesting, there are also so many items and possibilities that you can always find something that represents your company. As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, sports themed merchandise is always great, especially if your company is part of the fitness industry or there is a major sports event taking place, such as the World Cup or Wimbledon. Footballs and other sports equipment can be great for events or as charity giveaways, but they aren’t really that portable so sports themed keyrings allow you to get the best of both worlds, for example, tennis ball keyrings are really eye-catching, can be customised with your logo and are really relevant as Wimbledon is happening at the moment and is a major part of the British summer. If you don’t like cricket, you love it, you could pop your logo onto a cricket ball shaped keyring or a mini cricket bat keyring.

The added bonus is that they get used all the time, so whoever has your customised keyring will see your logo several times a day, which is really important for visual positive reinforcement, and lots of other people will see these eye-catching keyrings as well.

Another super portable promotional item is the classic branded pen. Our one has a modern, eco friendly twist as it is made of recycled materials, making it also great for showing that your company is environmentally aware. These smaller promotional items are a great way of promoting your brand every day without even having to try.

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Three Ways with Rubber Ducks

Most of us have owned a rubber duck at some point in our lives, in fact there was even a song on the children’s show ‘Sesame Street’ dedicated to a rubber duck and recent adverts for the drink Oasis featuring ‘Rubberduckzilla’. As humble as they once were, the rubber duck is now an iconic part of pop culture and these are just a few of the ways you can utilise these novelty items to promote your brand and do your bit for your company’s favourite charity.

  • Hook-a-Duck

This fairground classic is a really simple yet desceptively tricky game that is great for summer fairs. You’ll need long poles, like bamboo sticks with hooks attached to one end. The idea is that the players have to hook a duck to win a prize. If you’re feeling generous, you could let them keep the duck as well.

  • Duck Races

A duck race is exactly what it sounds like- racing rubber ducks! You will also need a waterproof marker to write numbers on the bottom of the ducks, access to a stretch          of water (either a lake or a river) and somebody to deligate the task of writing down which duck people are betting on. The first duck to get from point A to point B is the       winner! You can either pool people’s bets together to give to the winner or to the winner’s chosen charity, so it’s great for fundraising.

  • ‘Where in the World…’ competition

Summer means people taking holidays, which means it can get stressful when you’re a few hands down in the office. Lighten the mood a bit by perusading people to take a rubber duck with your logo in their luggage and take a picture with it in. You then post the pictures on your company’s intranet or blog so people can guess where their colleague has gone on holiday too.



So, think outside of the bathtub when you get your promotional rubber ducks and have some fun with them.

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What Does Your Brand Say About You?

If you do a Wikipedia search for the word ‘brand’, it will tell you that a brand is a ‘name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers’, but it really is all this plus more as your branding also spreads your company’s message and mission statement and, perhaps most importantly, it determines how people, both customers and potential employees and business partners, view you.

They say that you only get one chance to make a first impression and this is especially true about your logo. Without people even realising it, they will form an impression of a company in their minds based on things such as colours, the kind of font you use, whether or not you have a picture, or just text, or both. For example, if your logo is green, this indicates caring and serenity, brown says your company is dependable, red says you’re dynamic and energenic. The same goes for your online presence; your tone that you use on your blogs, your website, your social media, anything online speaks volumes without anybody hearing your voice.

Where does this fit in with promotional products? Basically, they also spread a message about your company and give people an impression about you. For example, donating promotional footballs to a local school or children’s centre shows that you care about the local community, our range of eco friendly stationary shows that you are socially responsible and are aware of the environment. As these can be customised with your logo, people will see the high quality product and your logo and/or company name and that gives them an immediate positive reaction about your company, whether they are aware of it or not. So, remember, talking is only a tiny part of communication, people can get a really positive impression of your company in seconds and this can have a huge pay off.

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