Team building with promotional products

After much thorough research, we have found that the most commonly used promotional product is the humble pen; they’re used and seen every day, they get passed around and shared and they are literally right at your fingertips where the company logo and message can be constantly seen. Simple products such as a memo pads are handy to have on desks for quick notes, provide ample area for company logos and messages and are cost-effective.

We have also found that customised wearables and team sports instil a great sense of bonding and team building. Both customised stationary and customised wearable items play a role in motivating company staff. The promotional products industry has to evolve constantly and follow the changing trends and fashions. Although a pen may be most useful, a mini football or a hacky sac to throw about will provide footy fun during lunch breaks and will never be slam dunked in the bin when the ink runs out unlike a pen! This further helps with positive and healthy work place competition.

The Brightways R&D staff works hard to launch new promotional sports related items every month. During the months of Feburary and March, 4 new items were launched including retro rugby balls with gold printing and football trainers which children will love and are suitable for most outdoor activity related product promotions.

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Squeeze away your Stress

Stress is an often unavoidable part of our working lives and is a lot more detrimental to people’s health than realised. Over the past few years it has become a major factor in workers having to take time off sick from work, which in turn is costing companies millions of pounds every year, so every little thing you can do to help combat stress and keep your employees happy and healthy is good for your business.

Studies have shown that plants in the workplace can both reduce stress as well as boosting creativity and productivity, possibly subconsciously. When you’re in an air-conditioned office, especially when you’re too busy to take a proper break, plants can help by producing clean oxygen, so you don’t get brain fog. Even if people insist on working through their lunch breaks or staying late to stay on top of their workload, just a quick breath of fresh air and stretching their legs outside for a few minutes will help them to stay focussed and not get overly stressed.

Our stress relievers serve a dual function- they can be customised with your logo so you have an instant branding boost and the act of squeezing an item when feeling stressed can help boost circulation and helps to direct focus to the physical action of squeezing. Our range includes vehicles, animals and sports themed stress balls so you are sure to find a style that suits your brand. Stress relievers are a really affordable way of busting stress, therefore saving you money in the long run.

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