Promoting your Brand with Badges

When it comes to promoting your brand, the more people can see your name and logo, the more likely they are to remember it which is one of the reasons why wearable promotional products are so effective. As well as our vast range of sports related promotional products, Brightways produce plenty of options of wearable and usable products which can be customised with your company’s name, logo and colours from promotional bags and hats to customised soft toys.

One of our most popular and cost-effective wearable promotional products are our pins and badges which can be customised however you want them and are available in several materials- soft PVC lapel pins with butterfly clasp backs and 2d illustrations, photo etched metal lapel pins with epoxy coating, classic button badges and soft enamel lapel pins. As well as being fantastic quality, our pins and badges are available in a range of different sizes and finishes so you can get the exact product that you have envisaged and are very cost-effective. We use various printing techniques such as silk screen and off-set printing depending on the design and your chosen material as well as moulding methods and use clear, vivid colours to make the promotional pins and badges as attractive and eye-catching as possible.

Our promotional badges and pins can be used as name badges as well as given away to members of the public to promote your brand. They can also be used for special events, for example company promotions and trade fairs or charity fundraisers that you are running. We strike the perfect balance between top quality and cost-effectiveness so you always get a great product that represents you as a brand.

To find out more about our promotional badges or any other of our products, or for information on placing an order, please contact us on 01625 539759 or via our online form.


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Promotional Car Flags

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sports related promotional products, Brightways also have a range of cheering items so you can promote your brand whilst supporting your favourite sports team. One such item is our supporters car flag; these are made from polyester and are printed on both sides with your choice of colour and image. These are very striking looking and really maximise brand visibility as they can be attached to one’s car. They are also available in three styles of flag shape; standard rectangle, medieval, which has a double point and ‘Hot rod’ which is shaped like flames so you can find a style that really suits your brand image.

One of the advantages of using a promotional product that is on a moving vehicle such as a car is that you’re getting your brand directly into the eye of the general public in a non-intrusive way. People love showing support for their favourite team, whether that’s a university team, major league sports team or an amateur local club and proudly displaying a flag on their car is a great way to do this.

If your company has its own events where you play team sports, giving away customised car flags can help to get everybody into the spirit and boost morale. Our promotional car flags are an easy way to boost your brand’s visibility and motivate your staff and favourite team.

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Products that make life a little bit easier.

Sometimes it seems like life is just go, go, go so anything that makes life a little bit easier and therefore a bit quicker, is great to have on hand. For example, our trolley coin keyring means that you don’t have to root around your bag and glove compartment for a pound coin every time you go shopping as you have an easily findable coin the exact same shape and size. You can have them personalised with your company’s logo so your customers see it on a regular basis and associate your company with usefullness.

Likewise, canvas tote bags are lightweight, easy to transport and store in bulk and are very roomy so as well as being a really easy promotional product for you, they are a very handy promotional product to hand out to your customers, especially if you are at an event such as a trade fair or local market where people are going to be picking up other items and having leaflets thrust upon them by other vendors.

The benefit of having promotional products that are handy is threefold:

  • It adds positive reinforcement of your brand as the person with the product will then subconsciously associate your brand with usefulness.
  • A handy product is used more and therefore the customer, or potential customer, sees your name an logo more often.
  • Items that are easily visable, such as the tote bags will be seen out and about by more people, so you drum up more interest for your brand.
So, pick a promotional product that works both for you and your target audience.


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Promoting Health and your Brand

More or less every day in the news you’ll hear, see and read stories about the obesity epidemic and how we are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles. The good news is that all is not lost and the even better news is that you can use your brand to promote a healthy lifestyle both in your community and within your staff..

The NHS recommends that people should make 10,000 steps to boost all over health but it is estimated that people are only doing 3000 to 4000. There are little ways of increasing your daily steps, such as getting off the bus a stop early and going to your colleague’s desk to talk to them instead of emailing, and a pedometer is a really reliable way to make sure you’re moving enough as well as making you more conscious of it. We have a wide range of pedometers that can be branded with your logo and these make great executive giifts to show that your company promotes a healthy lifestyle. The more people wear their pedometers, the more they see your logo and the healthier they’ll get so it’s a win-win situation!

If you prefer exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise, promotional frisbees and hacky sacks are both great for outside summer fun for all ages. You can use them as part of company picnics or for any events with local kids clubs and schools. You can also theme your company charity events around whatever sports events are currently happening, such as the sports played in the Commonwealth Games. Keeping things fun and relevant helps to link staying active with your brand and show you in a great light.


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Advantages of Wearable Promotional Products.

It is a little known fact that the very first promotional products were commemorative buttons created in 1789 in the USA to help George Washington win the presidential elections. It wasn’t until the mid 20th century when the advertising market was in its hey day that promotional products became widely used and since then have become an essential marketing tool.

A 2009 study showed that 83% of people enjoyed receiving promotional products with nearly half of those people saying that they wish they received them more often. As 69% of people in the study said that they kept promotional products that they received, it really shows that people value the products that they receive from companies. Branded items in particular are a very useful promotional tool as they encourage visual brand recognition and positive reinforcement. In previous blog entries we have mentioned how the most effective promotional products are those that can be used and wearable items are amoung the most effective as it means that your company logo is seen by more people. Much like the original promotional item, customised, branded pins and badges are a flexible way of promoting your brand. As well as being able to put them on clothes, bags or accessories, pins and badges are eye-catching without being too ‘in your face’.

As it’s still sunny and there will no doubt be plenty more outdoors events before the summer is over, promotional hats are another way of promoting your brand and boosting brand identity in a practical and wearable way. Wearable promotional items can be handed out as freebies, worn by you and your staff at events or given as competition prizes and they are a surefire way of making a lasting impression on potential and existing customers.


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Squeeze away your Stress

Stress is an often unavoidable part of our working lives and is a lot more detrimental to people’s health than realised. Over the past few years it has become a major factor in workers having to take time off sick from work, which in turn is costing companies millions of pounds every year, so every little thing you can do to help combat stress and keep your employees happy and healthy is good for your business.

Studies have shown that plants in the workplace can both reduce stress as well as boosting creativity and productivity, possibly subconsciously. When you’re in an air-conditioned office, especially when you’re too busy to take a proper break, plants can help by producing clean oxygen, so you don’t get brain fog. Even if people insist on working through their lunch breaks or staying late to stay on top of their workload, just a quick breath of fresh air and stretching their legs outside for a few minutes will help them to stay focussed and not get overly stressed.

Our stress relievers serve a dual function- they can be customised with your logo so you have an instant branding boost and the act of squeezing an item when feeling stressed can help boost circulation and helps to direct focus to the physical action of squeezing. Our range includes vehicles, animals and sports themed stress balls so you are sure to find a style that suits your brand. Stress relievers are a really affordable way of busting stress, therefore saving you money in the long run.

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Using your Brand to Broaden Sporting Horizons

The next few weeks are going to be focussed on football and then tennis, but there are lots of other sports that you can use to promote your brand and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

Football is one of the most popular sports in this country and is played up and down the country by people of all ages, but cricket tends not to be played in as many areas, especially not in inner city areas. Cricket actually started to be played back in the 16th century and international games have been played since 1844. It is also one of the very few sports that actually derived from England originally by children living in the home counties. So, if your company is very patriotic, you could try some miniature cricket bats or a mini cricket ball key chain as a promotional giveaway. It could even encourage some of your employees to take up cricket as a new sport, especially now that the weather is warmer.

If your company is a bit more international, you could perhaps look into basket balls or American footballs customised with your company name and logo. Sports are a really popular way of promoting your brand, particularly for businesses that work alongside schools and leisure facilities, so using a different sport to your competitors helps to make you much more memorable.

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Taking your Brand into Summer

In an earlier blog post when we talked about using products to boost brand identity, we mentioned how promotional products are much more effective when they can be used as your logo is seen more often and it promotes visual positive reinforcement, a really useful tool in boosting your brand image and identity. With summer well and truly here and people planning holidays and BBQs, promotional flip-flops are a great way to do this whilst staying seasonal, and therefore making your promotional product relevant. Even the most diehard high heel fan needs a pair of practical, comfortable flip-flops when the heat is on to avoid sweaty feet and to relax in the sun.

Flip-flops are a real summer staple and as they are so affordable, they can be used as merchandise for after-school clubs, leisure centres and colleges as well. They can be produced as cut-outs, so the user can just pop their flip-flops out of your chosen shape; this makes them really handy to hang up on shop displays or in storage cupboards and increases portability until they need to be worn. You could also team the flip-flops with promotional sunglasses or water bottles as a special offer. Promoting your brand and boosting your sales doesn’t have to take a summer holiday!

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What Does Your Brand Say About You?

If you do a Wikipedia search for the word ‘brand’, it will tell you that a brand is a ‘name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers’, but it really is all this plus more as your branding also spreads your company’s message and mission statement and, perhaps most importantly, it determines how people, both customers and potential employees and business partners, view you.

They say that you only get one chance to make a first impression and this is especially true about your logo. Without people even realising it, they will form an impression of a company in their minds based on things such as colours, the kind of font you use, whether or not you have a picture, or just text, or both. For example, if your logo is green, this indicates caring and serenity, brown says your company is dependable, red says you’re dynamic and energenic. The same goes for your online presence; your tone that you use on your blogs, your website, your social media, anything online speaks volumes without anybody hearing your voice.

Where does this fit in with promotional products? Basically, they also spread a message about your company and give people an impression about you. For example, donating promotional footballs to a local school or children’s centre shows that you care about the local community, our range of eco friendly stationary shows that you are socially responsible and are aware of the environment. As these can be customised with your logo, people will see the high quality product and your logo and/or company name and that gives them an immediate positive reaction about your company, whether they are aware of it or not. So, remember, talking is only a tiny part of communication, people can get a really positive impression of your company in seconds and this can have a huge pay off.

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Planning an Outdoors Event

As the weather gets warmer, outdoors events are a great promotional tool for creating a buzz around your business and drumming up new potential clients. Although they take a bit more planning than your normal inside events, they can prove to be more fun and more effective.

The venue that you pick will determine on your budget, local surroundings and restraints but you also need to keep your eyes peeled for venues with easily accessible power points, parking and toilets, as these don’t come as standard like most venues you would use for indoor events. If you want to keep people at your promotional event whilst they’re there, it is wise to book some kind of portable caterer as well, like a food van.

Outdoors events attract a lot of attention all by themselves, but to guarantee a turn out, it is a good idea to check out where in the local area you can put up posters and banners to promote your event. You may want to look into rented security as well to manage crowds or if anything gets out of hand.

It goes without saying that the Great British weather is a tad unpredictable, so have some rain ponchos printed with your company’s name and logo made so people don’t want to leave if it does start raining. Although these are disposable, they can still serve as a memento of your fun outdoors event and promotional items are more effective if they are usable in some way. If you want to make your event an all-day occasion, you could look into promotional camping chairs as well so people are tempted to stay for longer and learn more about your brand and what you do.

Outdoors events are a great way of getting lots of positive publicity for your brand whilst having a fun day out yourself.

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