Promotional Rugby Balls

Originating in a Warwickshire school in the early 19th century, Rugby is actually a variation of football and is popular throughout both the UK and the world.

There are two main categories of rugby, rugby union and rugby league, both very similar but with distinct differences in their rules, meaning that there is a very wide fan base and making it a great sport to focus on for sports-related promotions.

We have an array of rugby themed promotional products including PVC leather rugby balls in both full and mini size that can be customised with your company’s logo. We can also provide customised PU foam rugby balls that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play and are a great promotional product for schools and youth groups as they are lighter and softer on impact.

As with all our promotional products, our range of various rugby balls are high quality and can be customised with your name, logo and colours for positive brand identity. Our range of promotional products is constantly evolving and our R&D team work hard to come up with new promotional products that you and your clients will love. One such new promotional product is our retro rugby ball which can be customised with gold printing and looks fantastic.

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Advantages of Mini Cricket Bats

At Brightways we have found that sports-related promotional products are extremely popular, both in regards to sports equipment and other items, such as keychains and sports-themed accessories.

Recently we discussed the popularity of cricket in the UK and around the world, and one of our favourite products is our mini cricket bats; they come in a variety of sizes so they are suitable for whatever school, youth group or sports club you are working with and can be customised with your logo to promote positive brand identity promotions. Encouraging sports from an early age boosts lots of different life skills including team work, boosts confidence and reduces the risk of obesity.

We work hard to develop and provide a wide range of top quality sports promotional equipment and our mini cricket bats are no exception to this. They are available in both wood and plastic so you can make a choice depending on your requirements, have a comfortable grip to avoid accidents and discomfort and are available in 9, 12 and 15 inches. You can also choose whether you want your logo printed on to the product in the form of a clear or white sticker.

We offer other cricket-related promotional products that you can use to accompany the mini cricket bats, such as miniature and full size cricket balls. Our sports promotional products are great for both the players using them and for you as a company, building great working relationships and boosting positive brand identity.

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Bringing Cricket to Everyone

We’re almost halfway through this year’s Cricket World Cup and it’s an exciting time for sports fans all over the world.

Cricket was first played in England in the 18th century and is now played in over 125 countries around the globe. It’s not British summertime unless we see cricket being played and the World Cup is like a sporting sign that winter is finally over and Cricket is a great game to focus on for sports-related promotions.

Promotional cricket equipment can be manufactured in various sizes for various age groups. Customised cricket items are great for sports-themed promotions and giveaways; our mini cricket bats are available in 9, 12 and 15 inch sizes so you can find the right size for the school or sports club you are working with.

We also make small and full size high quality cricket balls so it’s even easier to get everyone playing one of the country’s favourite sports. Both these and the bats can be customised with your brand and logo for positive brand awareness and recognition.

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Advantages of Wearable Promotional Products.

It is a little known fact that the very first promotional products were commemorative buttons created in 1789 in the USA to help George Washington win the presidential elections. It wasn’t until the mid 20th century when the advertising market was in its hey day that promotional products became widely used and since then have become an essential marketing tool.

A 2009 study showed that 83% of people enjoyed receiving promotional products with nearly half of those people saying that they wish they received them more often. As 69% of people in the study said that they kept promotional products that they received, it really shows that people value the products that they receive from companies. Branded items in particular are a very useful promotional tool as they encourage visual brand recognition and positive reinforcement. In previous blog entries we have mentioned how the most effective promotional products are those that can be used and wearable items are amoung the most effective as it means that your company logo is seen by more people. Much like the original promotional item, customised, branded pins and badges are a flexible way of promoting your brand. As well as being able to put them on clothes, bags or accessories, pins and badges are eye-catching without being too ‘in your face’.

As it’s still sunny and there will no doubt be plenty more outdoors events before the summer is over, promotional hats are another way of promoting your brand and boosting brand identity in a practical and wearable way. Wearable promotional items can be handed out as freebies, worn by you and your staff at events or given as competition prizes and they are a surefire way of making a lasting impression on potential and existing customers.


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Taking your Brand into Summer

In an earlier blog post when we talked about using products to boost brand identity, we mentioned how promotional products are much more effective when they can be used as your logo is seen more often and it promotes visual positive reinforcement, a really useful tool in boosting your brand image and identity. With summer well and truly here and people planning holidays and BBQs, promotional flip-flops are a great way to do this whilst staying seasonal, and therefore making your promotional product relevant. Even the most diehard high heel fan needs a pair of practical, comfortable flip-flops when the heat is on to avoid sweaty feet and to relax in the sun.

Flip-flops are a real summer staple and as they are so affordable, they can be used as merchandise for after-school clubs, leisure centres and colleges as well. They can be produced as cut-outs, so the user can just pop their flip-flops out of your chosen shape; this makes them really handy to hang up on shop displays or in storage cupboards and increases portability until they need to be worn. You could also team the flip-flops with promotional sunglasses or water bottles as a special offer. Promoting your brand and boosting your sales doesn’t have to take a summer holiday!

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What Does Your Brand Say About You?

If you do a Wikipedia search for the word ‘brand’, it will tell you that a brand is a ‘name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s product distinct from those of other sellers’, but it really is all this plus more as your branding also spreads your company’s message and mission statement and, perhaps most importantly, it determines how people, both customers and potential employees and business partners, view you.

They say that you only get one chance to make a first impression and this is especially true about your logo. Without people even realising it, they will form an impression of a company in their minds based on things such as colours, the kind of font you use, whether or not you have a picture, or just text, or both. For example, if your logo is green, this indicates caring and serenity, brown says your company is dependable, red says you’re dynamic and energenic. The same goes for your online presence; your tone that you use on your blogs, your website, your social media, anything online speaks volumes without anybody hearing your voice.

Where does this fit in with promotional products? Basically, they also spread a message about your company and give people an impression about you. For example, donating promotional footballs to a local school or children’s centre shows that you care about the local community, our range of eco friendly stationary shows that you are socially responsible and are aware of the environment. As these can be customised with your logo, people will see the high quality product and your logo and/or company name and that gives them an immediate positive reaction about your company, whether they are aware of it or not. So, remember, talking is only a tiny part of communication, people can get a really positive impression of your company in seconds and this can have a huge pay off.

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Planning an Outdoors Event

As the weather gets warmer, outdoors events are a great promotional tool for creating a buzz around your business and drumming up new potential clients. Although they take a bit more planning than your normal inside events, they can prove to be more fun and more effective.

The venue that you pick will determine on your budget, local surroundings and restraints but you also need to keep your eyes peeled for venues with easily accessible power points, parking and toilets, as these don’t come as standard like most venues you would use for indoor events. If you want to keep people at your promotional event whilst they’re there, it is wise to book some kind of portable caterer as well, like a food van.

Outdoors events attract a lot of attention all by themselves, but to guarantee a turn out, it is a good idea to check out where in the local area you can put up posters and banners to promote your event. You may want to look into rented security as well to manage crowds or if anything gets out of hand.

It goes without saying that the Great British weather is a tad unpredictable, so have some rain ponchos printed with your company’s name and logo made so people don’t want to leave if it does start raining. Although these are disposable, they can still serve as a memento of your fun outdoors event and promotional items are more effective if they are usable in some way. If you want to make your event an all-day occasion, you could look into promotional camping chairs as well so people are tempted to stay for longer and learn more about your brand and what you do.

Outdoors events are a great way of getting lots of positive publicity for your brand whilst having a fun day out yourself.

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Using Promotional Products can help Boost your Brand Identity

When you think of the biggest brands in the world, such as McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Nike and other global giants, their logos pop straight into your head, which shows how much of a lasting impression they can make and how much they can help to reinforce a brand’s identity.

The science behind this is in how our brains work; basically our brains prefer to remember concrete images and visual imagery above lots of words and a when a brand has an easily recallable logo with a strong impact, you are more likely to recall more details about it. A very simple way to use this to your advantage is to put your logo on promotional items and get them out there to your target market. This coupled with the fact that everybody loves free stuff means that you can create a real buzz and a lot of positive reinforcement for your brand with very little effort.

One of the golden rules for promotional products is to go for something that will actually be used; the more it is seen, the more impact it will have. Also, if a potential client goes to a trade show, goes to look at several competing companies’ stands and is given free promotional items from each of them, they are more likely to hang onto something that is interesting and useful, for example, our eco friendly stationary.

Finally, the product that you choose to promote your brand should be in tune with your target market and your industry sector. This helps to encourge positive reinforcement and promote visual cues even more, so you get more bang for your buck.

Promotional products are a really easy and relatively inexpensive way to boost your brand identity and potentially increase your clientele whilst keeping things interesting for both you and your target market.

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