Promotional Tennis Items

In a little over three weeks, one of the country’s biggest and most celebrated sports events will be commencing. The Wimbledon Championships are perhaps the world’s most famous tennis event and players from all over the world compete for both prize money and a place in sporting history as they are watched by fans around the globe. As leading suppliers of sports-related promotional products, Brightways have an array of tennis themed promotional products to help you celebrate Wimbledon whilst promoting your brand.

As part of our sports-related product range we have standard and jumbo sized tennis balls in a variety of colours which can be customised with your company’s logo. These look really eye-catching and are good for distributing to local schools and leisure centres.

You can also celebrate tennis season with our tennis ball stress relievers¬†or tennis ball keychains, both of which are easy to distribute and transport. Tennis themed promotional items are great for boosting your brand’s visibility because it’s a popular sport and is really relevant at this time of year.

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