Benefits of Promotional Hats

One of the most classic and most widely used type of promotional product is the hat and as leading suppliers of promotional products, Brightways has various options for you to choose from.

Promotional hats can be a very useful item to have handy to distribute to your staff, for example beanie hats are ideal for warehouse staff as warehouses can get extremely cold, especially during a morning delivery or dispatch time when it is wide open. Wearing hats with the company logo on can act as a substitute for a uniform when staff are wearing a hi-viz or their own clothes. They can also be useful for outdoor team bonding days when the weather is a bit colder and then worn afterwards out and about to give your brand more exposure.

Another very popular option is baseball caps. These again can be used at work, out and about and at corporate events, especially trade shows and outdoors events. Baseball caps are useful during summer as they help shield people’s faces from excess sun exposure. Brightways also have child size hats available which are useful for schools and extracurricular groups such as sports teams and drama clubs.

A major advantage of choosing a promotional product that is wearable is that your brand gets a lot of exposure and the item is functional. It is also easier to get branded hats for your staff than t-shirts as you have less size options to consider and people are more likely to wear them. They are also affordable enough to distribute at corporate events so are great for boosting positive brand identity. All our promotional hats are fantastic quality and are available in an array of different colours. Contact us today on 01625539759 to discuss promotional hats for your company or organisation.

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